Recordings of LSCC Meetings and Presentations

From time to time, the LSCC will be recording meetings and presentations. These recordings allow our members who were unable to attend to view the meeting and the educational programs. These recordings are in MP4 format, which should be viewable by any commercial media player. Simply click on the desired link to view the video.

Some of the file sizes are VERY large, as noted below. Some members may get best results by downloading these recordings to your computer before viewing them. To do this, in your browser, right-click on the link and “Save target as…” (Internet Explorer) or “Save link as…” (Google Chrome), etc. Once downloaded, it should be easy to view these recordings.

2018 LSCC Annual Meeting, ANA, Philadelphia PA, August 16th

Here are the recordings of the recent 2018 LSCC Annual Meeting, held at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Philadelphia, August 16th. The meeting is presented in six (VERY LARGE) video files, even larger than normal, as the meeting was shot in wide-screen 16:9 format). Both the video and audio quality are very good. The files have been broken up into six different files based on topic: LSCC annual recap, awards, Hall of Fame induction, exhibit and regional update, treasurers report and LSCC future plans, and ends with Dick Osburn's educational program.

Welcome, special introduction, recap of the last year (mp4, 61 mb)
LSCC Awards: Ahwash Literary Award, President's Award of Merit (mp4, 52 mb)
LSCC Hall of Fame Induction - Len Augusburger (mp4, 106 mb)
Groundbreaking exhibit, Regional update (mp4, 68 mb)
Secretary-Treasurer's Report, Future club plans (mp4, 55 mb)
Program: Liberty Seated Dollar Varieties, with Dick Osburn) (mp4, 128 mb)

2017 LSCC Annual Meeting, ANA, Denver CO, August 3rd

Here are the recordings of the 2017 LSCC Annual Meeting, held at the ANA's World's Fair of Money in Denver, August 3rd. The meeting is presented in three (VERY LARGE) video files. You will need to maximize the volume on your media/video player, and both the video and audio quality is fairly good. Apologies for the beginning of the first file, where the webcam fell from its perch! But the rest is good, promise! The files have been broken up into three files based on topic (versus strict order of agenda): LSCC business (club updates, membership, treasurer, education, regional updates, new initiatives, etc.), Awards (Ahwash Literary Award, President's Award of Merit, and LSCC Hall of Fame induction), and the interactive educational discussion, Stump the Numismatist, with John Dannreuther.

Welcome, club business, officer reports, etc. (mp4, 93 mb)
LSCC Awards: Ahwash Literary Award, President's Award of Merit, and LSCC Hall of Fame induction (mp4, 63 mb)
Program: Stump the Numismatist, with John Dannreuther (JD) (mp4, 91 mb)

FUN 2017 LSCC Regional Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale FL, January 6

At the FUN 2017 Regional Meeting, we had to switch rooms at the last second, and there wasn't time to set up the equipment properly. As a result, some of the audio is not very loud, and the beginning of the meeting when LSCC President Gerry Fortin did the club updates (and before we made some adjustments), is not audible at all. However, the sessions on the Counterfeit 1872-S Seated Half, and Stephen Petty's presentation on Liberty Seated Dollars were better. They are presented here below in the following two large video files - you will need to maximize your Volume level:

Counterfeit 1872-S Liberty Seated Half (mp4, 38.1 mb)
Liberty Seated Dollars, by Stephen Petty (mp4, 55.5 mb)

2016 LSCC Annual Meeting, ANA, Anaheim CA, August 11

The 2016 LSCC Annual Meeting was recorded, and divided into six different video files to help manage file sizes. However, the files are still VERY large! The Club Benefit Auction lasted 45 minutes, and was itself split across two files. Enjoy!

Welcome, Recap of 2015-2016, Ahwash Award presentation (mp4, 37.6 mb)
Education-ANA Summer Seminar, Secretary-Treasurer (mp4, 27.3 mb)
Regional report, Future initiatives (mp4, 35.2 mb)
Program: Bimetallism and the Economics of Liberty Seated Coinage (mp4, 43.4 mb)
LSCC Club Benefit Auction, Lots 1-9 (mp4, 115.6 mb)
LSCC Club Benefit Auction, Lots 10-18 (mp4, 93.4 mb)

Baltimore Regional Meeting, Baltimore MD, July 15 2016

Audio is a little soft, but can easily be heard - set volume of player to loudest. Video quality is good.

Club updates, ANA Summer Seminar recap - Gerry Fortin, John Frost, 18 minutes, 82 mb)
Educational program: Liberty Seated Halves - Gerry Fortin (mp4, 17 minutes, 68 mb)

FUN 2016 Regional Meeting, Tampa FL, January 8

Both the audio and video quality are much improved over that of previous meetings, and the presentations are easy to see and hear. Enjoy!

Club initiatives and updates - Gerry Fortin, John Frost, Dennis Fortier, Dick Osburn (mp4, 15 minutes, 60 mb)
1874 F-106 Polished Arrows (aka "No Arrows") Dime - Gerry Fortin (mp4, 13 minutes, 58 mb)
Scarcity of New Orleans Dimes in AU or Better - Jason Feldman (mp4, 37 minutes, 101 mb)

2015 LSCC Annual Meeting, ANA, Rosemont, IL, August 13

The audio is only fair for most of these recordings - most of the speakers were too far away from the recording device and didn't speak loud enough, and only Auctioneer Bob Merrill used a microphone consistently.

Welcome and recognizing John McCloskey - Gerry Fortin (mp4, 11.3 mb)
Upcoming Liberty Seated Guide Book - Dave Bowers and Dennis Tucker (mp4, 30.0 mb)
Award presentations for LSCC publications - Bill Bugert (mp4, 39,4 mb)
LSCC Hall of Fame announcement and induction - Bill Bugert (mp4, 58.3 mb)
LSCC Club Business - Gerry Fortin, Craig Eberhart, Dennis Fortier (mp4, 73.5 mb)
LSCC Benefit Auction - Craig Eberhart and Bob Merrill (Heritage Auctions) (mp4, 150 mb)

FUN Show - January 9, 2015

The following three video clips were recorded at our LSCC meeting at the FUN show in Orlando on January 9. The first video records the LSCC Update portion of the meeting. The second video clip is David Perkins' presentation on Gobrecht Dollars. The third video is of Chris Pilliod's presentation on Liberty Seated Love Tokens.

LSCC Club Update - Gerry Fortin (mp4, 27 mb, January 2015)
Gobrecht Dollars - W. David Perkins (mp4, 51 mb, January 2015)
Seated Love Tokens - Chris Pilliod (mp4, 21 mb, January 2015)

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