Online References

There are a number of Internet-based references available for the collector of Liberty Seated coinage. This page attempts to list the most relevent references.

Fortin, Gerry. The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors. A web-book dedicated to Liberty Seated Dime varieties is available at

Brunner, Lane and Frost, John. Double Dimes - the United States Twenty-cent Piece. A web-book dedicated to the twenty-cent piece, and a complete online version of the Print Edition, is available at

Bugert, Bill. A Register of Liberty Seated Half Dollar Varieties. Bill has generously made the first four volumes of his Register series available as downloadable PDF files, so that they can be available on your tablet or other mobile device. These four books are available here on the LSCC website at the Bill Bugert books page.

Osburn, Dick and Cushing, Brian. A Register of Liberty Seated Dollar Varieties. A web-book dedicated to the Liberty Seated Dollar, currently being developed and edited, is available at While being edited and completed, all known die marriages for each issue, both proofs and circulation strikes, are populated on the website.

The E-Gobrecht, regularly published since January 2005. The electronic publication of the LSCC that is available on this website and described in detailed at the E-Gobrecht Archives link here, or in the navigation above.

Wiley, Randy and Bugert, Bill. The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars. David Lawrence Rare Coins has made available an online version of this reference at

Bowers, Q. David. Silver Dollars & Trade Dollars of the United States: A Complete Encyclopedia. PCGS has made available an online version of Volume One at

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