The Gobrecht Journal - Facts and Online Articles

The Gobrecht Journal, the Publication of the Liberty Seated Collector Club, is published three times each year.

The Gobrecht Journal is research orientated and contains articles on all denominations of Liberty Seated coinage, from the half dime to the Trade dollar. Major research and feature article topics in the Gobrecht Journal include:

  • Rarity & valuation of specific dates and varieties in each of the series
  • Obverse and reverse die pairs used to strike particular issues
  • 19th century minting processes and how unusual pieces were struck
  • Retrospectives on important seated collections and collectors.

The LSCC is pleased to announce the publication of an all color and larger sized Gobrecht Journal beginning with the November 2014 issue.

Input are actively solicited from LSCC club members and can be submitted to the LSCC at by email.

The Newman Numismatic Portal has a goal to create the world’s most comprehensive online encyclopedia of American and Colonial coinage, currency, realia, and related correspondence and published literature. The Portal's project team has scanned in the first 120 issues (40 years!) of the Gobrecht Journal, beginning with Volume 1 Issue 1 from 1974. The LSCC gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Newman Numismatic Portal in digitizing this material and making it freely available. To access any of the first 120 issues, visit the Newman Numismatic Portal and archived issues of the Gobrecht Journal.

Here are a few sample articles from the Gobrecht Journal (Microsoft Word format). The LSCC has continuously published the Gobrecht Journal since 1974.

When Did the With Stars Design First Appear on Seated Dimes and Half Dimes? (Tom DeLorey, GJ #92)

The Battle for the Unique 1873-CC No Arrows Dime (Leonard Augsburger, GJ #95)

The Jules Reiver Collection of Seated Quarters (Bob Foster, GJ #97)

Seated Dollars From the Civil War (Dennis Garstang, GJ #96)

Mint State 1842 Small Letters Half Dollar Sold (John McCloskey, GJ #95)

A Theory on Localized Die Doubling (Tom DeLorey, GJ #97)

Relating Seated Quarter Mintages to Events from the 19th Century (Carson Torpey, GJ #93)

LSCC Membership Profile (Leonard Augsburger, GJ #98)

Major Varieties of Liberty Seated Dollars (Duncan Lee, GJ #99)

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