Liberty Seated designers and engravers

This page lists those engravers of the mint that left their mark on Liberty Seated Coinage. Christian Gobrecht and William Barber had the greatest influence, as they were the priimary designers of the coins themselves. James B. Longacre created the "cereal wreath" reverses of the half dime and dime, and made artwork modifications to the other denominations. Robert Ball Hughes and Anthony C. Pacquet also made contributions. See below for biographical and coinage information about these engravers.

We begin with Christian Gobrecht and William Barber. More information on the other engravers will be added soon. Stay tuned.

Christian Gobrecht created the classic Liberty Seated design that would grace U.S. silver coinage for over 55 years, along with other copper and gold issues.

William Barber designed the Trade dollar, and also created the double dime (twenty-cent piece), although that entire process was an interesting story in itself!

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