Welcome to the website of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club. The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is a not-for-profit group of over six hundred collectors and dealers dedicated to the study and attribution of the American silver Liberty Seated coinage of the 19th century. Social interactions at a host of regional meeting venues throughout the United States are a key element of the "LSCC Experience."

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Although the U.S. has been reopened, cancellations are still possible, although much more unlikely. We will post updates as we get them. We recommend that you verify any event is going to be held before traveling to the show.

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The following are regional coin shows or events at which the LSCC has a presence.
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Read the June issue of the E-Gobrecht! See all the latest LSCC news:

    Volume 18, Number 6, June 2022
  • President's Message, by Len Augsburger
  • Editor's View From The Rim
  • About the Front Cover of E-Gobrecht this month
  • Regional News, by Dennis Fortier: The Summer Doldrums of the Coin Market
  • Carson City Half Dollar & Chopmark Survey, by Dennis Fortier
  • Important Announcements, & More
  • 2022 Regional Coin Show Events & Major Auction Calendar
  • LSCC Annual Club Auction at the ANA
  • The Auction Realm, by Craig Eberhart - Sale of the 'Pioneer Boone Family Collection' of Liberty Seated Half Dollars
  • The Curious Collector, by Len Augsburger: Deluxe Edition of the Ahwash Reference
  • Update on the New Networking Group for Editors of Local Coin Club 'Newsletters' by Phil Vitale
  • "Gobrecht" Bust Half Dollars, by Jim Koenings: #5 1839 'Gobrecht' Bust Half Dollars
  • LSCC Member Advertisers & Advertising Rates
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The current issue of the E-Gobrecht can be found here by clicking the image to the left (6.1 mb).

View the video of the LSCC Baltimore meeting, November 19, 2021 For the first time in two years, the Whitman Baltimore Expo was held. See the video of the November 19th LSCC meeting (44 minutes)

Highlights include:    LSCC club updates    LSCC 50th anniversary plans    New 50th LSCC polo shirts   John W. McCloskey Collection coins    Publications update    ANA Summer Seminar 2022   Program: San Francisco Liberty Seated Half Dollars Click image at left or go to the meeting recording. Video hosted by the Newman Numismatic Portal.

Announcing the Seated Half Society
A new club for the collectors of Liberty Seated half dollars, under the umbrella of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club. There is an SHS Webpage here on the LSCC website, and a quarterly SHS Newsletter 'in the E-Gobrecht starting in November. No Dues! Volunteering to start the club will be SHS President Dennis Fortier and SHS Vice President Dr. Verne Pitman. Membership in the SHS is earned not granted. As such we hope membership in the SHS will be considered a numismatic achievement in the career of a Liberty Seated half dollar collector. See the SHS homepage for more information, membership criteria, and an application.

Bill Bugert publishes Register addenda sheets for new Seated half die marriage discoveries!

Since publication of Bill Bugert's "Register of Liberty Seated Half Dollar Varieties" series of books, astute collectors have identified die marriages not listed in these references. Bill has written detailed data sheets on each of these reported and confirmed new die marriages so that they can be downloaded, printed, and inserted into the books. Thanks to Bill, these are free to download at your convenience by clicking the image to your left.

Photo of William Barber discovered! Unveiled in Baltimore at the SeatedFest II convention and announced in the March E-Gobrecht, we are pleased to present the first known photo of William Barber (1807-1879), 5th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint and designer of the Trade Dollar and Double Dime. The photo is made available for download and use in publications. To see and download the photo (in multiple formats and sizes), click left or go to the photo page.

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