The LSCC is excited to announce our SeatedFest II Convention, to be held at the end of February at the Spring Whitman Baltimore Expo. This is the most important event for the LSCC in recent memory. And the Educational program is not to be missed!

At the club booth on the bourse floor, we are expecting 20 cases of impressive exhibit material, including marquis collections of Liberty Seated coinage of all denominations, plenty of “collector-grade” coins, and some fascinating exonumia. You will not believe your eyes!

The convention will be held Thursday through Saturday, February 28-March 2. Details on the exhibits and the two days of educational programs can be found below. NOTE: the educational programs are free for everyone, but pre-registration is required. See details below.

Exhibits at Booth #1255

The collections on exhibit include the following:

  • Collections of all seven Liberty Seated series, half dimes through Trade dollars
  • The unique 1870-S half dime
  • The John Frost collection of double dime exonumia
  • Collector-grade keys and semi-keys from all seven series

Many of the coins on display will be available for hand’s-on inspection!

Educational programs

During the first two days, Thursday and Friday, the LSCC will present four 90-minute educational sessions on Liberty Seated coinage, encompassing all seven series, along with historical background information. The sessions are timed so that attendees can maximize their show experience by allowing plenty of time for the bourse floor. And remember to plan on being in Baltimore for Thursday morning for the first session (before the bourse floor opens to the public). This may require different travel plan timing for regular attendees of the Baltimore Expo.

Program outline:

Thursday February 28, 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.
Welcome, brief introduction to the LSCC, Liberty Seated research and education; introduction to Liberty Seated coinage, designers, subtypes, Liberty Seated artistry, collecting Liberty Seated coins, why are we passionate about Liberty Seated coinage?

Thursday February 28, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Liberty Seated economics, location of coins for for examination at table. Series: Liberty Seated half dimes, Liberty Seated dimes, Liberty Seated quarters. Topics for each series: series overview, key dates and other important dates, major varieties, collecting difficulty, and budget.

Friday March 1, 9:00 – 10:45 a.m. (includes a brief LSCC Regional Meeting)
Series: Double dimes (twenty cent pieces), Trade dollars. Variety attribution, References for Liberty Seated coinage, both printed and online.

Friday March 1, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
Series: Liberty Seated half dollars, Liberty Seated dollars. The Andrew Jackson-Sevier Flying Eagle Dollar, building a network of Liberty Seated collectors and dealers via the LSCC.

Attendance in the educational programs is free for both LSCC members and visitors, but pre-registration is required. Ideally, a registrant will attend all four sessions, but it is not required.

Click here to register for the SeatedFest II Educational programs

All of the information on the registration form is required. Thanks for your interest!

Why you should come to SeatedFest II

Our goal is to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for Liberty Seated collectors of all levels of experience, including material on all seven Liberty Seated series, half dimes through Trade dollars. The sessions will provide unparalleled opportunity for learning in a short period of time, while still allowing plenty of time for the bourse floor – a perfect combination! LSCC Education Director John Frost is putting together a great program!

Unrivaled exhibits
On the bourse floor in our own LSCC area, we will have outstanding collections of all Liberty Seated series, with the owners available at the table for discussing the series and their collection. 20 cases of rare coins, with complete sets and some amazing exonumia will be on display. Notable rarities will be on-hand, including the unique 1870-S half dime! Exhibit chairman Jeff Ball is finalizing the amazing set of exhibits.

Meet other collectors that share your interests. Meet those who have built leading collections of your favorite series. Network with LSCC members who are happy to share their experiences with you. Share your stories with others, while looking at a lot of very cool coins.
There will also be a club dinner and social event on Thursday evening (February 28th), right across the street from the Baltimore Convention Center. A great time will be had by all. LSCC Vice President Len Augsburger and Regional Program Director Dennis Fortier have found the perfect venue for our SeatedFest II club dinner and have made all of the arrangements.

Just Come!
Whether you are an experienced collector, specialist, novice, or even a generalist who is interested in discovering where we get our passion for Liberty Seated coinage, this event is for you. Stay tuned for the full set of details, which will be posted on our website ( and in the January issue of the E-Gobrecht.

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