Major exhibit at the ANA Convention in Philadelphia!

The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is pleased to display a major exhibit at the 2018 ANA Convention in Philadelphia, August 14-18. Never-before-seen artifacts from the family of Chief Engraver William Barber (designer of the Trade Dollar and Double Dime - twenty-cent piece) will be on display. This remarkable exhibit includes:

- Presidential proclamation naming William Barber Engraver, from President
  Andrew Johnson and Sec. of State William Seward, 1869
- Paintings of William Barber and wife Anna Maria Barber
- Medal of William Barber by Charles E. Barber
- 3 original pencil/pen coin design sketches by William Barber
- William Barber medals: Centennial Medal, Grant 2nd Inaugural medal
- Scan of 1869 letter by William Barber discussing counterfeits
- Scan of 1875 letter by William Barber about Carson City dies and breakage
- Example of 1875-CC BF-1 Double Dime (20 cents) from broken reverse die
- Original memo by mint officials on death of William Barber
- Set of Trade Dollars
- Set of Double Dimes (20 cents), including one of William Barberís patterns
- Medallic History of the United States 1776-1876, 1st Ed, J. Loubat, inscribed
  to William Barber, 1878

In addition to the LSCC Annual Meeting on Thursday August 16 at 9:00 a.m. (Room 120-C), on Friday August 17, there will be an ANA Money Talks session, entitled Fascinating New Discoveries regarding Father-Son Mint Engravers William & Charles Barber in Room 121-B, at 4:00 p.m.

There will be a similar exhibit on artifacts from William Barber (Charles Barber's father and 5th Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, at the adjacent table of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club. Historical artifacts on display include:

- Presidential proclamation naming Charles Barber Engraver, from President
  Rutherford B. Hayes, 1880
- Painting of Charles E. Barber
- Six new photos of Charles Barber
- Three patterns by Charles Barber
- Key date Barber coins (5c, 10c, 25c, 50c), Hawaiian coinage, commemoratives
- 1905 passport of Charles Barber
- Memos from mint departments for Barber's Europe trip,
  some with his handwritten notes on them
- Diary of Edith Barber of Europe trip of 1905, with key excerpts
- 39-star Flag presented to Charles Barber by President Theodore Roosevelt
- Scan of 1905 Report by Charles Barber on findings from his 1905 trip to Europe
- 1906 Mint Assay medal, original case, subject: Theodore Roosevelt
- Letters to Charles Barber from Augustus St. Gaudens and Victor D. Brenner

The club tables will are Booths #146 and #148 in the Club Midway, at the far right corner of the room. Look for the club banners.

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